Here at Tapì, our concept of green thinking is rooted in the values set out in the three R’s of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Tapì’s goal is to pursue a corporate responsibility pathway, trying wherever possible to raise awareness, prevent waste and preserve natural resources, starting with the sector in which the company is involved, i.e. packaging.



The concept underlying the first R, “Reduce” is based on an overall reduction in what we produce and in what we consume.


“If there’s less wastage, then there’s less to recycle or re-use”



Tapì’s cutting-edge T-Cask project involves reusing the barrels you normally age your products in, breathing new life into them as closures to seal your products.

Had you ever thought of using your barrels to make closures suitable for your packaging?


Reusing barrels is fully in line with the three R’s of sustainability, especially with the concept of reuse.


The link with the product and with the brand


In addition to the strong sustainability and communication message, T-Cask is a big link between the product itself and the barrels used for its aging.

This is the concept behind this new Tapì project: the possibility of enhancing the individual elements of the production chain, in this case the aging barrels, for the creation of a unique product that is firmly rooted in the company.

Benefits and Communication


Tapi’s T-cask stoppers provide an opportunity to not only give a concrete signal to the market in terms of environmental sustainability but also allow customers to personally connect to the process taken to prepare their favorite products.  In terms of communication, the message is very strong, enabling you to convey your green philosophy to your customers, demonstrating that

your product is the fruit not only of experience

and passion, but also of ethical choices,

both for the present and for the future.

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